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Imagine your quilt, desired

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Longarm Quilting Services

to help you finish your desired

"Quilt as desired", says the pattern.  Easy, right?

But what if:

  • you don't have the time

  • your sewing machine is too small

  • you hate pin-basting or spraying chemicals

  • you just don't know where to begin

I can help.

I provide digital edge-to-edge longarm machine quilting services to transform your quilt top into a beautiful finished quilt, ready to be loved by someone you love. 

Let's get started on yours today.

3 steps to finishing your quilt


Click the "Book my Quilt" button to begin

The Book My Quilt form helps you tell me about your quilt.  If you don’t know what kind of design choices you want, just leave those sections blank and I can help you decide.  


When you’re done, click ‘submit’.  I’ll contact you and we’ll arrange for me to receive your quilt top (guild pickup, local drop-off, or mail-in)


Prepare your quilt top and backing, and transfer them to me. 

For steps on how to prepare your quilt top and backing for longarming, click here.


After receiving your quilt top and backing, I will contact you and we'll make final decisions about quilting designs and finishing options. 


For examples of available designs, click the button below.  


Relax while I quilt your quilt!  

Spend time with family, binge-watch some TV, or start another quilt.  


When it’s quilted, I’ll send an invoice which you can pay by cheque, cash or e-transfer.  We will arrange for you to receive your quilt (guild drop-off, local pick-up or by mail).  

Then -- just enjoy your quilt!

Questions?  Please reach out!

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